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Harvard Yard, Harvard University.   It was recently my very first glampacking trip to Boston. Or as Bostonians pronounce it - Bahhhh-stin. However there was a slight problem when I arrived in Boston after a 15 hour flight from Dubai. It was raining. This wouldn't really be a problem for a normal person. However having lived in Dubai for the last 20 months, I don't own many jackets or even an umbrella. My wardrobe permanently...
London Christmas markets carousel
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Guest blog post by Carmen Allan-Petale of Double-Barrelled Travel I love Christmas. It’s different all over the world yet there’s one common theme – bringing your family together once a year to show your appreciation for one another. In Australia we’d normally celebrate it with a champagne breakfast down at the beach but in London it’s a different story altogether. Somehow things...
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On a warm summer morning in Venice, I went on a St Mark’s Basilica and Doge’s Palace Tour with Walks of Italy. I’ve been to Venice once before on a rushed, organised tour where I felt I didn't get under the skin of Venice. This time around I was keen to understand the true history of Venice. We all know that Venice is a very glamorous, expensive Italian city. In...
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When I first moved to London after glampacking around Europe I lived in a London hostel run by Spanish nuns where I met a Spanish girl named Belen. Before I first met Belen I had no idea whereabouts Galicia was...
Trojan Horse in Troy
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The legend of Troy and the gift of a wooden horse that ended an empire is a mythological story that inspires travellers to visit Turkey and the site of Troy. Whilst glampacking in Turkey I was excited to see the ruins of Troy - but would it really be like the Hollywood movie...
Poppies Original Landing Point Gallipoli
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As a twentysomething Australian traveller, visiting Gallipoli in Turkey has always been on my ‘travel bucketlist’. Thousands of Australians visit Gallipoli for ANZAC day on the 25 April every year to pay their respects and commemorate the battle in World War I where over 8,000 young Australian and New Zealand soldiers lost their lives. Visiting Gallipoli is a pilgrimage for...
Lights in Aya Sofya Istanbul
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There are so many fun things to do in Istanbul, even when you're travelling on a budget. Istanbul is a modern city which I developed a bit of a love-hate relationship with - ultimately I loved the history and endless contradictions of Istanbul. Mosques are free to enter and there are a lot of local markets offering many traditional foods and artisan souvenirs - though what you buy and how much you haggle...
Boats on the Bosphorus Istanbul
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Before you visit a city for the first time your head is filled up with preconceptions from the media, photos and stories from your friends. Prior to my glampacking Turkey trip and visit to Istanbul I pictured a historic city of mosques with doner kebab stands on every street corner. Did Istanbul live up to its hype? When I first landed in...
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Princess Diana Wallpaper in Kensington Palace, London The beautiful images of an amazing royal life captured by the Princess Diana wallpaper in Kensington Palace, London. These sketches were drawn by fashion illustrator Julie Verhoeven before being turned into wallpaper. The Princess Diana wallpaper lines the hallway leading up to an exhibition of her famous gowns in the recently refurbished Kensington Palace, London.
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The fourth largest city of Germany, Cologne is a city that offers glampackers a great taste of German culture and history. There are many fun things to do in Cologne on a budget including eating and drinking your way around the city. Having not been to Germany since 2007 I was incredibly excited to eat German foods like bratwurst and drink lots of beer! Cologne is a compact city and very safe...